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Door limiting strap (checkstrap)
Door lower oval bungs (2)
Door weather-strip lower to rear (pair)
Exterior door handles gaskets (set)
Windscreen to door frame seals (pair)
Aluminium triangle door finishers
Aluminium tread plates


Aluminium tread plates

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Door closing pads (pair)
Door draught strip clips (pack of 12)
Door B-Post striker screws (2 pairs)
Door B-Post striker gaskets
Door to window outer seal clip
Door catch dovetail screw set (pair)
Door to window outer seal (pair)
Furflex door trim set (late)
Drain channel seals (pair)
Drain channel seals (early)
Door A-post seal caps (pair)
Interior panel clips (x6)
Interior panel clip cups (x 6)
Handle pins (pack of 4)
Door waist roll GT trim (pair)
Door B-post seals (pair)
Door A-post seals (pair)
Hard-top to door window piping (early)
Door weather-strip retaining channel
Exterior Door Handle (right-hand side)
Exterior Door Handle (left-hand side)
Furflex door trim set (early)
Door glass channel felt (pair)
Window winder (regulator) repair kit
Window door glass bottom stop
Door hinge screws (pack of 4)
Chrome handle bezel


Chrome handle bezel

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Handle bezel springs
Interior door Handle


Interior door Handle

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£43.20 Ex Tax: £36.00

Window winder handle


Window winder handle

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£38.40 Ex Tax: £32.00

Door catch dovetail (left-hand door)
Door catch dovetail (right-hand door)
A-post bottom hinge captive plate
A-post top hinge captive plate
Door bottom hinge captive plate
Door top hinge captive plate
Quarter-light base (LH)


Quarter-light base (LH)

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