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Black dashboard screws
Dashboard screws


Dashboard screws

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£4.50 Ex Tax: £3.75

MPH Speedometer (Tiger Mk1)
Electronic speedometer GPS sender
KPH Speedometer (Tiger Mk1)
Tachometer (Tiger Mk1)


Tachometer (Tiger Mk1)

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£228.00 Ex Tax: £190.00

Tachometer 8K (Tiger Mk1)
Indicator switch stalk pivot (repair)
MPH Speedometer (Tiger Mk2)
Tachometer (Tiger Mk2)


Tachometer (Tiger Mk2)

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£234.00 Ex Tax: £195.00

Dashboard heater control brackets
Dashboard heater control cables
Heater valve control cable
Dashboard heater control knobs
Dashboard upper centre panel
Dashboard upper side panels (pair)
Indicator switch repair kit
Dashboard switch labels


Dashboard switch labels

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£20.76 Ex Tax: £17.30

Heater control bezel labels
Speedometer Cable (short)
Speedometer Cable (long)
Tiger Speedometer Cable (short LHD)
Tiger Speedometer Cable (long RHD)
Dashboard cubbie box (LHD)
Dashboard cubbie box (RHD)
Dashboard cubbie box (early RHD)
Dashboard Light
Flasher relay (Lucas type 3 pole)
Dashboard cover pad


Dashboard cover pad

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£162.00 Ex Tax: £135.00

Dashboard lower pad foam
Tachometer ignition wire holder
Dashboard clock adaptor ring
Burr Walnut Veneer Dashboard (LHD)
Burr Walnut Veneer Dashboard (RHD)
Ignition Switch


Ignition Switch

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£27.60 Ex Tax: £23.00

Voltmeter (Series III,IV,Mk1)
Voltmeter (Series V,Mk2)


Voltmeter (Series V,Mk2)

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Dashboard ignition switch plate
Voltage stabiliser (10v)
Voltage stabiliser (10v positive earth)
Dashboard panel switch (with bezel)
Switch bezel (fine)
Dashboard panel single pole switch
Fuel Gauge (Series III,IV,Mk1)
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