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Accelerator (Throttle) Pedal
Seat lever end caps (pair)
Seat backrest cushion moulded (late)
Seat base diaphragm (original)
Seat back angle


Seat back angle

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£8.40 Ex Tax: £7.00

Seat base straps


Seat base straps

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£42.00 Ex Tax: £35.00

Seat base strap strengtheners
Seat cushion strap covers
Seat side strengtheners
Tiger bulkhead grommets (additional set)
Scuttle grill clips
Heater blower foam gasket
Heater blower rebuild kit
Gear-lever chrome ring (Tiger)
Gear-lever gaiter (Tiger)
Seat backrest cushion moulded (early)
Air vent rod clip
Seat bottom cushion moulded
Handbrake lever cover (LHD)
Handbrake lever cover (RHD)
Steering column bulkhead grommet
Steering column bulkhead boot
Interior panel clips (x6)
Interior panel clip cups (x 6)
Rubber Pedal Pads (pair)
Door waist roll GT trim (pair)
Rubber Pedal Pads - Late (pair)
2 inch blanking plug (grommet)
Gear-lever gaiter


Gear-lever gaiter

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£22.68 Ex Tax: £18.90

Gear lever boot


Gear lever boot

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£26.40 Ex Tax: £22.00

Brackets for passenger false floor (pair)
Seat frame pivot screw and bush set
Seat frame bushes (2)
Seat frame long screws (pack of 3)
Seat back trim screws (pack of 3)
Rubber Pedal Pad (early)
Horn ring screws


Horn ring screws

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£7.80 Ex Tax: £6.50

Heater to demist vent hose
Budget Carpet Set (black)
Budget Carpet Set (colour)
Luxury Wool Carpet Set (black)
Luxury Wool Carpet Set (colour)
Tufted Wool Carpet Set (black)
Tufted Wool Carpet Set (colour)
Quality boot-floor carpet (black)
Budget boot-floor carpet (colour)
Luxury wool boot-floor carpet (colour)
Tufted wool boot-floor carpet (colour)
Ashtray (Alpine)


Ashtray (Alpine)

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£46.80 Ex Tax: £39.00

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